Christian Winkel

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Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is the name giving member of a large cytokine family mirrored by a respective cell membrane receptor super family. TNF itself is a strong proinflammatory regulator of the innate immune system, but has been also recognized as a major factor in progression of autoimmune diseases. A subgroup of the TNF ligand family, including TNF,(More)
The two-level local projection stabilization is considered as a one-level approach in which the enrichments on each element are piecewise polynomial functions. The dimension of the enrichment space can be significantly reduced without losing the convergence order. For example, using continuous piecewise polynomials of degree r ≥ 1, only one function per(More)
ProQua ist ein neuartiges probabilistisches Datenbanksystem, welches die Auswertung vong ewichteten logikbasierten Ähnlichkeitsbedingungen auf einer unsi-cheren Datenbasis zum Ziel hat. Die wesentlichen Leistungsmerkmale vonP roQua werden anhand eines Bespielszenarios aus dem Umfeld der Archäologie präsentiert.
<i>ProQua</i> is an innovative probabilistic database system which enables the application of logic-based and weighted similarity conditions on uncertain relation data. In this demonstration paper we describe the interrelations among the main concepts, present an archaeological example scenario and sketch the software architecture of ProQua.
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