Christian Windisch

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Cluster batch systems usually support only static allocation of resources to applications before job start. After job start, applications cannot increase or decrease their resource set. However, some applications unpredictably evolve during execution and thus may require additional resources. If the extra resources cannot be delivered during runtime, those(More)
Edney type IV and type VII shock-shock interactions are complex hypersonic flow phenomena. They are characterized by a supersonic jet which reaches far into the flow field. An experimental investigation of the inner jet structure is difficult, especially in cases where the jet is subject to high-frequency unsteady movements. The present paper provides(More)
We present a solution for the automatic detection and classification of dangerous goods on trucks. Dangerous goods are labeled by an orange dangerous goods plate and/or a dangerous goods symbol sign. The acquisition system consists of a camera and dedicated illumination setup. A computer vision system processes the images by localizing and reading the(More)
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