Christian Wieschebrink

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In the project FleGSens a wireless sensor network (WSN) for the surveillance of critical areas and properties is currently developed. FleGSens is focused on ensuring integrity and authenticity of generated alarms and availability in the presence of an attacker. Hardware • iSense sensor node (16Mhz JN5139), 120 KB flash • IEEE 802.15.4 Radio, hardware AES(More)
Public key cryptography based on elliptic curves is a promising foundation for energy-scarving pairwise key establishment in wireless sensor networks. Focusing on the Diffie-Hellman key-agreement, identity-based schemes can be applied to provide mechanisms for authentication. The AQ-protocol presented by Arazi et al. introduces such a key establishment(More)
A deployment of V2V technology to ITS vehicle stations according to ETSI is in preparation in Europe. ETSI provides two classes of keys and certificates for ITS vehicle stations: long term authentication keys for entity authentication and pseudonymous keys and certificates to assure vehicular privacy. We show that the periodically send Cooperative Awareness(More)
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