Christian Weniger

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We present a flexible and compact experimental setup that combines an in vacuum liquid jet with an x-ray emission spectrometer to enable static and femtosecond time-resolved resonant inelastic soft x-ray scattering (RIXS) measurements from liquids at free electron laser (FEL) light sources. We demonstrate the feasibility of this type of experiments with the(More)
We point out that chameleon field theories might reveal themselves as an “afterglow” effect in axion-like particle search experiments due to chameleon-photon conversion in a magnetic field. We estimate the parameter space which is accessible by currently available technology and find that afterglow experiments could constrain this parameter space in a way(More)
A novel sample holder for soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy of liquids in transmission mode based on sample cells with x-ray transparent silicon nitride membranes is introduced. The sample holder allows for a reliable preparation of ultrathin liquid films with an adjustable thickness in the nm-μm range. This enables measurements of high quality x-ray(More)
L-edge spectroscopy of 3d transition metals provides important electronic structure information and has been used in many fields. However, the use of this method for studying dilute aqueous systems, such as metalloenzymes, has not been prevalent because of severe radiation damage and the lack of suitable detection systems. Here we present spectra from a(More)
X-ray absorption spectroscopy at the L-edge of 3d transition metals provides unique information on the local metal charge and spin states by directly probing 3d-derived molecular orbitals through 2p-3d transitions. However, this soft x-ray technique has been rarely used at synchrotron facilities for mechanistic studies of metalloenzymes due to the(More)
In the present work, different varied line space (VLS) and reflection zone plate (RZP) gratings are analyzed for their suitability in low-signal femtosecond soft X-ray spectroscopy. The need for high efficiency suggests a straightened focal line whose sharpness and residual curvature will determine the quality. One- and two-dimensional VLS structures(More)
Rolf Mitzner, Jens Rehanek, Jan Kern, Sheraz Gul, Johan Hattne, Taketo Taguchi, Roberto Alonso-Mori, Rosalie Tran, Christian Weniger, Henning Schröder,∏ Wilson Quevedo, Hartawan Laksmono, Raymond G. Sierra, Guangye Han, Benedikt LassalleKaiser, Sergey Koroidov, Katharina Kubicek, Simon Schreck,∏ Kristjan Kunnus,∏ Maria Brzhezinskaya, Alexander Firsov,(More)
We present a setup combining a liquid flatjet sample delivery and a MHz laser system for time-resolved soft X-ray absorption measurements of liquid samples at the high brilliance undulator beamline UE52-SGM at Bessy II yielding unprecedented statistics in this spectral range. We demonstrate that the efficient detection of transient absorption changes in(More)
X-ray free electron lasers (XFELs) enable unprecedented new ways to study the electronic structure and dynamics of transition metal systems. L-edge absorption spectroscopy is a powerful technique for such studies and the feasibility of this method at XFELs for solutions and solids has been demonstrated. However, the required x-ray bandwidth is an order of(More)