Christian Wegner

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PURPOSE Costs of productivity loss for the Federal Republic of Germany attributable to smoking in 1999 was to be determined. METHODS Mortality and morbidity attributable to smoking is determined by a 0.5 % sample of the smoking behaviour of the German population (microcensus 1999) and the relative mortality risks of smokers (US-American cancer prevention(More)
BACKGROUND Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections represent a serious challenge for health-care institutions. Rapid and precise identification of MRSA carriers can help to reduce both nosocomial transmissions and unnecessary isolations and associated costs. The practical details of MRSA screenings (who, how, when and where to screen)(More)
Let X be a finite aspherical CW-complex whose fundamental group π1(X) possesses a subnormal series π1(X) ⊲ Gm ⊲ . . . ⊲ G0 with a non-trivial elementary amenable group G0. We investigate the L2-invariants of the universal covering of such a CW-complex X. We show that the NovikovShubin invariants αn(X̃) are positive. We further prove that the L2-torsion(More)
BACKGROUND Antibiotic resistance of bacterial pathogens is an emerging problem worldwide. To combat multidrug resistant organisms (MRDOs) networks of care providers have been established in all states in Germany. The HICARE-network, a project to combat MRDOs, founded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, has published data from 2010 of a(More)
OBJECTIVE Data on the prevalence of emerging bacterial pathogens like extended-spectrum-lactamase-building (ESBL) Gram negative organisms, multiresistant Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter species or toxin-building Clostridium difficile in German hospitals are sparse. To provide data for different regions in Germany, a one-day point prevalence study with five(More)
We present a classification of fake lens spaces of dimension ≥ 5 which have as fundamental group the cyclic group of order N = 2K , in that we extend the results of Wall and others in the case N = 2. Introduction A fake lens space is the orbit space of a free action of a finite cyclic group G on a sphere S2d−1. It is a generalization of the notion of a lens(More)
OBJECTIVE Effective response to biological events necessitates ongoing evaluation of preparedness. This study was a bilateral German-Israeli collaboration aimed at developing an evaluation tool for assessing preparedness of medical facilities for biological events. METHODS Measurable parameters were identified through a literature review for inclusion in(More)
AIM Manufacturers' instructions recommend changing the infusion line together with the infusion bottle after each administration. We investigated if the complete infusion line may be microbiologically contaminated after short-time antibiotic and rinse-solution application. METHOD Immediately after the change of an infusion administration set after 72(More)
Zur Bekämpfung multiresistenter Erreger (MRE) wurden in Deutschland regionale Netzwerke aufgebaut. Wir zeigen hier, wie Netzwerke mit vertretbarem Aufwand eine Punktprävalenzerhebung von MRE und C. difficile (CD) aus klinischen Routinedaten und eine Abfrage von Strukturdaten, z. B. der Ausstattung mit Hygienefachpersonal, durchführten. Es erfolgte eine(More)