Christian Wagner

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Wikis (from wikiwiki, meaning “fast” in Hawaiian) are a promising new technology that supports “conversational” knowledge creation and sharing. A Wiki is a collaboratively created and iteratively improved set of web pages, together with the software that manages the web pages. Because of their unique way of creating and managing knowledge, Wikis combine the(More)
The random waypoint model is a frequently used mobility model for simulation–based studies of wireless ad hoc networks. This paper investigates the spatial node distribution that results from using this model. We show and interpret simulation results on a square and circular system area, derive an analytical expression of the expected node distribution in(More)
Higher order fuzzy logic systems (FLSs), such as interval type-2 FLSs, have been shown to be very well suited to deal with the high levels of uncertainties present in the majority of real-world applications. General type-2 FLSs are expected to further extend this capability. However, the immense computational complexities associated with general type-2 FLSs(More)
Ž . The literature suggests the existence of critical success factors CSFs for the development of information systems that support senior executives. Our study of six organizations gives evidence for this notion of CSFs. The study further shows an interesting pattern, namely that companies either Aget it rightB, and essentially succeed on all CSFs, or Aget(More)
Industrial penicillin production with the filamentous fungus Penicillium chrysogenum is based on an unprecedented effort in microbial strain improvement. To gain more insight into penicillin synthesis, we sequenced the 32.19 Mb genome of P. chrysogenum Wisconsin54-1255 and identified numerous genes responsible for key steps in penicillin production. DNA(More)
A survey of 168 corporate wiki users was conducted. Findings indicate that corporate wikis appear to be sustainable. Users stated three main types of benefits from corporate wikis: enhanced reputation, work made easier, and helping the organization to improve its processes. These benefits were seen as more likely when the wiki was used for tasks requiring(More)
Much of today’s organizational knowledge still exists outside of formal information repositories and often only in people’s heads. While organizations are eager to capture this knowledge, existing acquisition methods are not up to the task. Neither traditional artificial intelligencebased approaches nor more recent, less-structured knowledge management(More)
Uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) strain 536 (O6:K15:H31) is one of the model organisms of extraintestinal pathogenic E. coli (ExPEC). To analyze this strain's genetic basis of urovirulence, we sequenced the entire genome and compared the data with the genome sequence of UPEC strain CFT073 (O6:K2:H1) and to the available genomes of nonpathogenic E. coli(More)
In this paper, the multilevel ILU (MLILU) decomposition is introduced. During an incomplete Gaussian elimination process new matrix entries are generated such that a special ordering strategy yields distinct levels. On these levels, some smoothing steps are computed. The MLILU decomposition exists and the corresponding iterative scheme converges for all(More)