Christian W. Straka

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ADF95 is a tool to automatically calculate numerical first derivatives for any mathematical expression as a function of user defined independent variables. Accuracy of derivatives is achieved within machine precision. ADF95 may be applied to any FORTRAN 77/90/95 conforming code and requires minimal changes by the user. It provides a new derived data type(More)
To identify variants for multiple myeloma risk, we conducted a genome-wide association study with validation in additional series totaling 4,692 individuals with multiple myeloma (cases) and 10,990 controls. We identified four risk loci at 3q26.2 (rs10936599, P = 8.70 × 10(-14)), 6p21.33 (rs2285803, PSORS1C2, P = 9.67 × 10(-11)), 17p11.2 (rs4273077,(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND AND CASE PRESENTATION: A patient with nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome (Gorlin syndrome) presented with two unusual clinical features, i.e. adenocarcinoma of the small bowel and extensive mesenchymal proliferation of the lower gastrointestinal tract. CONCLUSIONS We discuss the possibility that these two features are(More)
BACKGROUND Renal impairment is a common complication of multiple myeloma occurring in up to 50 % of patients at some stage in their disease. Due to occurrence of cast nephropathies we hypothesized circulatory dysregulation (vasoconstriction) in the kidneys with measurable elevation of the resistance index among these patients which would have a diagnostic(More)
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