Christian W. Cobaugh

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A detailed understanding of an RNA's correct secondary and tertiary structure is crucial to understanding its function and mechanism in the cell. Free energy minimization with energy parameters based on the nearest-neighbor model and comparative analysis are the primary methods for predicting an RNA's secondary structure from its sequence. Version 3.1 of(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the characteristics of sex workers accessing care at a peer based clinic in San Francisco and to evaluate predictors of sexually transmitted infections (STI). METHODS We conducted an observational study of sex workers at St James Infirmary. Individuals underwent an initial questionnaire, and we offered screening for STI at each(More)
Synthetic antibody libraries have proven immensely useful for the de novo isolation of antibodies without the need for animal immunization. Recently, focused libraries designed to recognize particular classes of ligands, such as haptens or proteins, have been employed to facilitate the selection of high-affinity antibodies. Focused libraries are built using(More)
Bioinformatics is faced with accelerating increase of data set sizes originating from powerful high-throughput measuring devices. Extensive computational power is the basic requirement for solving problems in bioinformatics. One of the key solutions to time-efficient data processing is the proper implementation of computational intensive tasks using(More)
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