Christian Volpe

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This paper derives a micro-founded gravity equation in general equilibrium based on a translog demand system that allows for endogenous markups and substitution patterns across goods. In contrast to standard CES-based gravity equations, trade is more sensitive to trade costs if the exporting country only provides a small share of the destination country’s(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate whether human infants' cries show individually and contextually discriminable acoustic parameters. 20 full-term normal human newborns (aged 1 to 4 days) had their cries recorded during routine blood withdrawal (pain context) 30 min. before a scheduled feeding (hunger context) and when subjected to kinetic stimuli(More)
The Buyer Margins of Firms' Exports* We use highly disaggregated firm-level export data from Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Uruguay over the period 2005-2008 to provide a precise characterization of firms' export margins, across products, destination countries, and crucially customers. We show that a firm's number of buyers and the distribution of sales across(More)
Trade liberalization leads to significant changes in countries’ economic structures. The implied variation in the level and nature of specialization has important consequences for liberalizing economies. Thus, adjustments costs associated with those structural changes may be substantial. Furthermore, the changing specialization profile of countries may(More)
INFORMATION problems are one of the most relevant export barriers both in terms of frequency appearance and degree of severity. Over recent decades several developing countries have established trade promotion organisations with the purpose to help firms overcome these information problems. In performing this function, they provide the exporters with a wide(More)
China’s main East-West railway line (Lianyungang-Urumqi) was speeded-up in Oct. 21, 2000 as a sub-project of the national railway speed-up project (1997-2007). This speedup project greatly improved the efficiency of long-distance domestic railway transportation from eastern and central China to Urumqi, Xinjiang (western China), which is the gate of(More)
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