Christian Vignoles

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Hydrophobic cotton fibers, obtained by acylation of cellulose with fatty acid using microwaves radiations, have a high selective affinity for vegetable or mineral oil, fuel, and petroleum, in aqueous medium. Their sorption capacity (SC) (weight of liquid picked up by a given weight of sorbent) is about 20 g/g, after draining. They are reusable after simple(More)
The contribution of discharge from carwashes to pollutant levels in stormwater was evaluated. Five carwashes and two outlets in the city of Toulouse (France) were selected. Water samples were collected from December 2006 to December 2007. Concentrations and loadings of classical water quality parameters (conductivity, pH, turbidity, chemical oxygen demand,(More)
Application of the European Water Framework Directive requires Member States to have better understanding of the quality of surface waters in order to improve knowledge of priority pollutants. Xenobiotics in urban receiving waters are an emerging concern. This study proposes a screening campaign of nine molecular species of xenobiotics in a separated sewer(More)
The production of sludge in France is estimated to be about 900,000 metric tons dry matter per year and 60% of this is recycled onto agricultural land. At present, the long term future of this procedure is open to question and among the different arguments being put forward are the levels of metallic trace elements and the risk of accumulation in soils.(More)
OATAO is an open access repository that collects the work of Toulouse researchers and makes it freely available over the web where possible. Impact of dry weather discharges on annual pollution from a separate storm sewer in Toulouse, France. • Dry weather discharges from storm sewers have an impact on annual pollution load. • The more urbanized the outlet(More)
The recovery of oil from an oil-in-water emulsion, during a flow through a bed of cotton rendered hydrophobic by acylation of cellulose was defined by sorption and coalescence phenomena. During percolation, the column "hold-up" (difference between injected and rejected oil) became constant at the equilibrium volume, i.e., as soon as the instant oil(More)
The city of Toulouse with its separate sewer system is ideal for studying stormwater. However, during dry weather, the storm sewer also discharges water into the environment, and it is the impact of these discharges on annual pollution from storm sewer that is the object of this study. Samples have been taken from the outlets of two storm drains located in(More)
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