Christian Van Hoecke

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BACKGROUND If found to be safe and immunogenic, reduced doses of influenza vaccine given by the intradermal route could increase the number of available doses of vaccine. METHODS In an open-label study, we randomly assigned 119 subjects to receive an intradermal injection of trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine, containing 6 mug of hemagglutinin for(More)
OBJECTIVE A recombinant lipoprotein outer surface protein A (OspA) Lyme disease (LD) vaccine (LYMErix) has been shown to be safe and effective in preventing LD in adults and in adolescents 15 years of age and older. Children are at risk for developing LD. This clinical study was conducted to address the safety and immunogenicity of LD vaccine in children 4(More)
Thirty healthy HIV negative volunteers were randomised to receive 200 micrograms of rgp120W61D in either: 3D-MPL and QS21, with an oil and water emulsion (SBAS-2) (13); or 3D-MPL and QS21 (SBAS-1) (11); or alum (six). Immunizations were given at 0, 4 and 28 weeks and 23 (77%) participants completed the schedule. Adverse events were more frequent (P < 0.001)(More)
The immunogenicity of influenza vaccination in elderly institutionalized patients, with a variety of clinical disorders, was tested in an open multicenter study involving 495 people (mean age 80 years). Vaccination with an inactivated split influenza vaccine (Fluarix) was clinically well tolerated. For all age ranges and all strains of virus, the vaccine(More)
The RTS,S/SBAS2 vaccine confers sterile protection against Plasmodium falciparum sporozoite challenge. The mechanisms underlying this are of great interest, yet little is known about the immune effector mechanisms induced by this vaccine. The immune responses induced by RTS,S/SBAS2 were characterized in 10 malaria-naive volunteers. Several epitopes in the(More)
We studied differences in immune responses after first time immunization with a trivalent inactivated split influenza vaccine, or after vaccination in the preceding year, in 42 healthy volunteers (40 +/- 13 years). Sequential serum samples were collected over 40 weeks. Previously vaccinated volunteers exhibited 40-92% protective antibody levels in their(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to evaluate the reactogenicity and immunogenicity of a hepatitis A vaccine (Havrix-1440TM) when administered simultaneously with a Vi polysaccharide typhoid vaccine. METHODS Two open, randomized studies were conducted using 2 and 4 treatment groups respectively, at the Clinique Notre-Dame de Grâce, Belgium (Study(More)
We have compared the immunogenicity profile of a recombinant lipoprotein outer-surface protein A (OspA) Lyme disease vaccine administered on schedules of 0, 1, and 6 months (group 1) or 0, 1, and 12 months (group 2) to 800 healthy subjects, aged 15-50 years. One month after the second dosing, geometric mean titers of IgG antibodies to OspA were 1,309 ELISA(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE A recombinant lipoprotein vaccine against Lyme disease, containing 30 microg of Borrelia burgdorferi outer surface protein A (OspA) with aluminum adjuvant, has been shown in a large US field trial of subjects >/=15 years of age to offer 76% efficacy against clinical Lyme disease after 3 injections given at 0, 1, and 12 months. Lyme(More)
A candidate Lyme vaccine was administered to 20 adult volunteers following a 0, 1, 2 months vaccination schedule, with a booster at 12 months. An immune response, assessed as 'LA-2 equivalent' antibody titres using an inhibition ELISA, was induced in all vaccinees which persisted until the booster. Titres were increased 25-fold following the booster and(More)