Christian Vallée

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This preliminary study was conducted to identify a facet joint syndrome in low back pain. Ninety maneuvers and symptoms were compared between patients relieved (responders) and those unrelieved (nonresponders) after intraarticular blocks. Fifty-one patients participated in the study; 11 were excluded from evaluation because of unsuccessful injection into(More)
Forty-six cases of osteoporotic vertebral collapse (27 thoracic, 19 lumbar) were treated by means of percutaneous vertebroplasty in a hyperlordosis position. Institutional review board approval and informed consent were obtained. Kyphosis reducibility was preprocedurally estimated from the angular difference between neutral and hyperlordosis positions.(More)
To investigate the frequency and distribution of end plate marrow signal intensity changes in an asymptomatic population and to correlate these findings with patient age and degenerative findings in the spine. MR imaging studies of the lumbosacral (LS) spine in 59 asymptomatic subjects were retrospectively reviewed by 2 musculoskeletal radiologists to(More)
PURPOSE To examine at magnetic resonance (MR) imaging the degradation of an interference screw made of polyglycolic acid (67.5%) and trimethylene carbonate (32.5%) and compare the MR findings with the clinical evaluation results. MATERIALS AND METHODS Clinical and MR imaging studies were performed concomitantly 6 months (in 20 patients), 1 year (in 10(More)
To determine the postural role of longus colli (LC) and dorsal neck muscles, we have studied the relationship between their cross-sectional areas related to their force of contraction and the lordosis and the length of the cervical spine. This study was carried out in 36 healthy subjects. Muscle cross-sectional areas were measured by computerized(More)
Splenius capitis (SPL) electromyograms were recorded using conventional surface and intramuscular wire electrodes simultaneously during various head-neck movements and isometric tasks to test the selectivity of surface electrodes for SPL myoelectric signals. The insertion of bipolar wire electrodes was aided by a computerized tomographical study of each(More)
Thirty-two patients underwent periradicular corticosteroid injections with a lateral percutaneous approach under fluoroscopic guidance, to treat 34 foci of chronic cervical radiculopathy unresponsive to medical treatment alone. The mean evolutionary trends for radicular and neck pain relief were significant at 14 days (P <.001) and at 6 months (P <.001).(More)
Two cases are reported of congenital intrahepatic portacaval shunts in middle-aged women who had encephalopathy or hypoglycemia. Real-time ultrasound (US) investigations revealed vascular communication between the left portal and hepatic veins in one patient and communication between the right portal and hepatic veins in the other. These findings were(More)
A prospective sonographic analysis of kidneys in 136 adults without clinical or radiologic evidence of renal disease revealed 22 cases of large columns of Bertin. Most were located in the middle third of the kidney, more frequently on the left side. They were bilateral in 18%. Water bath sonograms of normal cadaver kidneys and subsequent anatomic(More)
The patterns of activation of splenius capitis, semispinalis capitis, transversospinalis, and levator scapulae muscles were studied during various head-neck positions, movements, and isometric tests in 19 healthy human subjects. Myoelectric activities were recorded with intramuscular bipolar wire electrodes. Cervical computerized tomography of each subject(More)