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1 Fachgebiet Software Engineering, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Welfengarten 1, 30167 Hannover {eric.knauss, thomas.flohr, daniel.lübke, kurt.schneider} 2 FinanzIT GmbH, Laatzener Straße 5, 30539 Hannover, 3 IBM Deutschland GmbH, Global Business Services, Laatzener Strasse 1, 30539 Hannover, 4(More)
Electron emission for single ionization of Ne by 25 fs, 1.0 PW/cm(2) laser pulses at 800 nm has been investigated in a kinematically complete experiment using a "reaction microscope." Mapping the complete final state momentum space with high resolution, a distinct local minimum is observed at P(e parallel )=0, where P(e parallel ) is the electron momentum(More)
Electron-ion momentum spectroscopy is used to investigate the correlated electronic and nuclear motion in fragmentation of H2 in 4 x 10(14) W/cm(2), 25 fs laser pulses at 795 nm. Reaction channel dependent photoelectron spectra indicate that besides the main, stepwise H2 ionization H2(+) dissociation mechanism resulting in the products H(1s) + H(+) + e(-) a(More)
Double ionization of Ne by 25 fs, 1.0 PW/cm laser pulses has been explored in a kinematically complete experiment using a “Reaction Microscope”. Electrons are found to be emitted into a narrow cone along the laser polarization (ε), much more confined than for single ionization, with a broad maximum in their energy distribution along ε. Correlated momentum(More)
The dynamics of Neon double ionization by 25 fs, 1.0 PW/cm 2 laser pulses at 795 nm has been studied in a many particle coincidence experiment. The momentum vectors of all ejected atomic fragments (electrons and ions) have been measured using combined electron and recoil-ion momentum spectroscopy. Electron emission spectra for double and single ionization(More)
Vector momentum distributions of two electrons created in double ionization of Ar by 25 fs, 0.25 PW/cm(2) laser pulses at 795 nm have been measured using a "reaction microscope." At this intensity, where nonsequential ionization dominates, distinct correlation patterns are observed in the two-electron momentum distributions. A kinematical analysis of these(More)
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