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"Good for one but not the other": The "Sandeman System" of Pacification as Applied to Baluchistan and the North-West Frontier, 1877-1947
This article examines the long-running debate over the application of the "Sandeman System" of pacification to the North-West Frontier of British India in 1877-1947. Colonel Sir Robert Sandeman’sExpand
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Edge of Empire: The British Political Officer and Tribal Administration on the North-West Frontier 1877–1947
Contents: Introduction Who were the politicals? Forward with hearts and minds, 1877a "92 The North-West Frontier, 1892a "1900 Reform and consolidation, 1901a "1914 War, rebellion and the 'modifiedExpand
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‘Politicals’, Tribes and Musahibans: The Indian Political Service and Anglo-Afghan Relations 1929–39
This article examines the way in which the tribal areas of the North-West Frontier came to constitute a recurrent point of contention and dispute in Anglo-Afghan relations during the period underExpand
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Strategy, theory, and history: Operation Husky 1943
ABSTRACT In his 1987 work Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1987), Edward Luttwak described strategy as a field of activity characterised not only by anExpand
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The British Army, ‘Understanding’, and the Illusion of Control
ABSTRACT Over the past decade, Western military doctrines concerned with matters of irregular warfare and counterinsurgency have emphasised the requirement for properly ‘understanding’ the social,Expand
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Grand Strategy and the Graveyard of Assumptions: Britain and Afghanistan, 1839–1919
Abstract This article comprises a reply to those who seek to use the British historical experience in Afghanistan in order to draw parallels with current operations in that country. It argues that,Expand
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To build as well as destroy: American nation building in Vietnam
commentary, superficiality and repetition. The book would have benefited from its material being organised according to topic or theme. The standard question to ask of anthologies is whether theyExpand