Christian Tischer

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Microtubules (MTs) are central to the organisation of the eukaryotic intracellular space and are involved in the control of cell morphology. For these purposes, MT polymerisation dynamics are tightly regulated. Using automated image analysis software, we investigate the spatial dependence of MT dynamics in interphase fission yeast cells with unprecedented(More)
The automotive industry supplies the world with a tremendous variability of vehicles, fulfilling a wide range of legal requirements all around the world while addressing their owner's needs and preferenqces from lowest cost to extreme luxury. As a global supplier in the powertrain domain, Bosch Gasoline Systems (GS) addresses this challenge by establishing(More)
For a long time, exposure to mould and dampness-derived microbial components was considered a risk factor for the development of respiratory diseases and symptoms. Some recent studies suggested that early childhood exposure to mould components, such as (1,3)-b-Dglucan and extracellular polysaccharides (EPSs), may protect children from developing allergy. We(More)
Software engineering in the automotive domain faces some outstanding challenges in terms of variability and complexity, specific customer relationship with car manufacturers and quickly and continuously changing requirements. Especially power train control systems currently evolve from classic combustions engine focused concepts towards highly divergent(More)
Microtubules (MTs) are cytoskeletal polymers whose spatial organization is dynamically regulated, depending on their biological function during different cell cycle stages. Growing MT ends are, for example, specifically targeted towards the cortex of motile or growing cells during interphase or towards chromosomal attachment sites during mitosis. An(More)
We report on 3 new cases of C trigonocephaly syndrome. In addition to the findings characteristic of this condition, one of the patients also had a large omphalocele. This patient was referred from a suburban hospital with a diagnosis of Down syndrome, stressing the fact that C syndrome is still under-recognized and underdiagnosed. Another patient was(More)
<i>Product lines are usually built for the long term in order to repay the initial investment. While long-term stable software systems are already hard, if they are developed individually, it is even harder for complete product lines. At the time a new product line is created, the details of future product line characteristics are typically not known, no(More)
Setting up a new product line generation in a mature domain, typically does not start from scratch but takes into consideration the architecture and assets of the former product line generation. Being able to accommodate legacy and 3<sup>rd</sup> party code is one of the major product line qualities to be met. On the other side, product line qualities like(More)
Microtubules (MTs) are dynamic protein polymers that change their length by switching between growing and shrinking states in a process termed dynamic instability. It has been suggested that the dynamic properties of MTs are central to the organization of the eukaryotic intracellular space, and that they are involved in the control of cell morphology, but(More)