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This paper describes the advantages of using the NetLogo software environment to simulate an intelligent routing system in Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS). The first part describes the pheromone-based stigmergy concept. The second part presents the NetLogo simulation environment, and the third part is dedicated to a simulation of a flexible assembly(More)
Efficient management of patient flow (demand) in emergency departments (EDs) has become an urgent issue for many hospital administrations. Today, more and more attention is being paid to hospital management systems to optimally manage patient flow and to improve management strategies, efficiency and safety in such establishments. To this end, EDs require(More)
Many studies have examined the integration of information systems into healthcare institutions, leading to several standards in the healthcare domain (CORBAmed: Common Object Request Broker Architecture in Medicine; HL7: Health Level Seven International; DICOM: Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine; and IHE: Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise).(More)
To offer high quality services, when users are increasingly demanding and competition more and more hard, is now a major problem that transportation companies are faced with. So, ensuring a regular traffic needs to identify the randomly occurring disturbances that affect the transportation system and to eliminate or reduce their impacts on the traffic. This(More)
This paper focuses on the problematic of the complex system maintenance in a cooperative environment composed of several decision centers, taking into account communication times. Maintenance activities generate a specific issue for the scheduling of tasks since they lead to identify dynamically new tasks or to modify the duration of planned tasks. In(More)