Christian Tahon

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Efficient management of patient flow (demand) in emergency departments (EDs) has become an urgent issue for many hospital administrations. Today, more and more attention is being paid to hospital management systems to optimally manage patient flow and to improve management strategies, efficiency and safety in such establishments. To this end, EDs require(More)
This paper describes the advantages of using the NetLogo software environment to simulate an intelligent routing system in Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS). The first part describes the pheromone-based stigmergy concept. The second part presents the NetLogo simulation environment, and the third part is dedicated to a simulation of a flexible assembly(More)
Many studies have examined the integration of information systems into healthcare institutions, leading to several standards in the healthcare domain (CORBAmed: Common Object Request Broker Architecture in Medicine; HL7: Health Level Seven International; DICOM: Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine; and IHE: Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise).(More)
The management of patient flow, especially the flow resulting from health crises in emergency departments (ED), is one of the most important problems managed by ED managers. To handle this influx of patients, emergency departments require significant human and material resources, but these are limited. Under these conditions, the medical and paramedical(More)
Monitoring complex production systems is primordial to ensure management, reliability and safety as well as maintaining the desired product quality. Early detection of emergent abnormal behaviour in monitored systems allows pre-emptive action to prevent more serious consequences, to improve system operations and to reduce manufacturing and/or service costs.(More)
Thanks to the important and increasing growth of the carpooling phenomenon throughout the world, many researchers have particularly focused their efforts on this concept. Researches led to many systems affording carpooling service not usually effective. In fact, most of them present multiple drawbacks regarding automation, functionalities, accessibility,(More)