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This study aimed at determining whether data previously gathered for a laser welds and IR brazings using a Au-Pd alloy were applicable to titanium joints. As to its resistance under fatigue loading, Au-Pd alloy had shown a poor response to pre-ceramic laser welding and post-ceramic brazing. The present study was designed to assess the mechanical resistance,(More)
PURPOSE Microstructural analyses of commercially pure titanium (CpTi) are scarce. The present report presents the micrographs, fractographs, elemental characteristics, and hardness profiles of brazed joints and weldments using machined rods of CpTi. MATERIALS AND METHODS CpTi rods were joined using four techniques: laser welding, electric-arc welding,(More)
Precious metal based dental alloys generally exhibit a superior corrosion resistance, in particular enhanced resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, compared to non-precious metal based alloys such as CoCr alloys. A new generation of Co-Cr alloys enriched with precious metals (Au, Pt, Ru) have now appeared on the market. The goal of this study was to(More)
In the last years the dental alloy market has undergone dramatic changes for reasons of economy and biocompatibility. Nickel based alloys have become widely used substitute for the much more expensive precious metal alloys. In Europe the prevalence of nickel allergy is 10-15% for female adults and 1-3% for male adults. Despite the restrictions imposed by(More)
The influence of various prefiring treatments of the metallic structure on the metal-ceramic bond strength has been shown for a gold-platinum ceramic alloys. Using analytical techniques with a high sensitivity, it has been possible to show that indium accumulates considerably on and below the metallic surface and that a subsequent sand blasting or acid(More)
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