Christian Sundberg

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BACKGROUND Nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase-1 (NTPDase1)/CD39 is the major ectonucleotidase of endothelial cells and monocytes and catalyzes phosphohydrolysis of extracellular nucleoside diphosphates (NDP) and triphosphates (NTP, eg, ATP and UTP). Deletion of cd39 causes perturbations in the hydrolysis of NTP and NDP in the vasculature. Activation(More)
Vascular permeability factor/vascular endothelial growth factor (VPF/VEGF, VEGF-A) is a multifunctional cytokine with important roles in pathological angiogenesis. Using an adenoviral vector engineered to express murine VEGF-A(164), we previously investigated the steps and mechanisms by which this cytokine induced the formation of new blood vessels in adult(More)
We report that integrin-mediated signaling induces a rapid and transient tyrosine phosphorylation of platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) 13-receptors in human diploid foreskin AG 1518 fibroblasts. A transient tyrosine phosphorylation of PDGF i3-receptors was evident one and two hours after cells had been plated on collagen type I and fibronectin, as well(More)
Chemotherapy of solid tumors is presently largely ineffective at dosage levels that are compatible with survival of the patient. Here, it is argued that a condition of raised interstitial fluid pressure (IFP) that can be observed in many tumors is a major factor in preventing optimal access of systemically administered chemotherapeutic agents. Using(More)
  • Stuart Rankin, John Schermann, Ortho Smith, D J A Welsh, C Ernst, D W Sumners +6 others
  • 2002
1. Abstract The enumeration of prime knots has a long and storied history, beginning with the work of T. in the late 1800's, and continuing through to the present day, with significant progress and related results provided along the way by J. Additionally, there have been many efforts to establish bounds on the number of prime knots and links, as described(More)
Megalin is an integral membrane receptor belonging to the low-density lipoprotein receptor family. In addition to its role as an endocytotic receptor, megalin has also been proposed to have signalling functions. Using interaction cloning in yeast, we identified the membrane-associated guanylate kinase family member postsynaptic density-95 (PSD-95) as an(More)
Microvascular pericytes are of key importance in neoformation of blood vessels, in stabilization of newly formed vessels as well as maintenance of angiostasis in resting tissues. Furthermore, pericytes are capable of differentiating into pro-fibrotic collagen type I producing fibroblasts. The present study investigates the effects of the histone deacetylase(More)
Magnetite particles were used in a semi-continuous process as magnetic biomass carriers to separate and reintroduce microorganisms in a CSTR reactor. In comparison to a control reactor the methane content during the semi-continuous process was elevated when magnetite particles were used. The difference was most apparent during the fermentative step directly(More)
  • Herbert Imai, Simon C Zimmermann, Jean Robson, Christian Sévigny, Norbert Sundberg, Olaf Braun +12 others
  • 2002
implications for thromboregulation triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 1 (NTPDase1) and NTPDase2 have Differential catalytic properties and vascular topography of murine nucleoside Differential catalytic properties and vascular topography of murine nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 1 (NTPDase1) and NTPDase2 have implications for thromboregulation(More)
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