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A two-component fully automated flood monitoring system is described and evaluated. This is a result of combining two individual flood services that are currently under development at DLR's (German Aerospace Center) Center for Satellite based Crisis Information (ZKI) to rapidly support disaster management activities. A first-phase monitoring component of(More)
Natural and man-made disaster,w hose impact has been increasing on the last years, present aseries of common dynamics which can be exploited for amore ef®cient emergencyman-agement. Current disaster management systems focus on single types of emergencies and cannot be ¯exibly adapted to the respective situation. The presented approach developed during the(More)
The analysis of the quantization error in fixed-point arithmetic is usually based on simplifying assumptions. The quantization error is modelled as a random variable which is independent of the quantized variable. This contribution investigates the wordlength reduction of a digital multiplier in greater detail. The power spectrum of the quantization is(More)
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