Christian Stock

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BACKGROUND Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers. Circulating microRNAs (miRNAs) have been suggested as potentially promising markers for early detection of CRC. We aimed to identify and evaluate a panel of miRNAs that might be suitable for CRC early detection. METHODS MiRNAs were profiled by TaqMan MicroRNA Array and(More)
Computer-assisted minimally-invasive surgery (MIS) is often based on algorithms that require establishing correspondences between endoscopic images. However, reference annotations frequently required to train or validate a method are extremely difficult to obtain because they are typically made by a medical expert with very limited resources, and publicly(More)
Abstract Migration of microglial cells towards damaged tissue plays a key role in central nervous system regeneration under pathological conditions. Using time lapse video microscopy we show that lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) enhances chemokinetic migration of murine microglial cells. In the presence of 1 micro m LPA, the mean migration rate of microglial(More)
Calcium-sensitive potassium channels (K(Ca)3.1) are expressed in virtually all migrating cells. Their activity is required for optimal cell migration so that their blockade leads to slowing down. K(Ca)3.1 channels must be inserted into the plasma membrane in order to elicit their physiological function. However, the plasma membrane of migrating cells is(More)
  • Oliver Jungmann, Katerina Nikolovska, Christian Stock, Jan-Niklas Schulz, Beate Eckes, Christoph Riethmüller +3 others
  • 2012
Decorin, a small leucine-rich proteoglycan harboring a dermatan sulfate chain at its N-terminus, is involved in regulating matrix organization and cell signaling. Loss of the dermatan sulfate of decorin leads to an Ehlers-Danlos syndrome characterized by delayed wound healing. Decorin-null (Dcn(-/-)) mice display a phenotype similar to that of EDS patients.(More)
BACKGROUND The standardisation of the assessment methodology and case definition represents a major precondition for the comparison of study results and the conduction of meta-analyses. International guidelines provide recommendations for the standardisation of falls methodology; however, injurious falls have not been targeted. The aim of the present(More)
Machine learning algorithms are gaining increasing interest in the context of computer-assisted interventions. One of the bottlenecks so far, however, has been the availability of training data, typically generated by medical experts with very limited resources. Crowdsourcing is a new trend that is based on outsourcing cognitive tasks to many anonymous(More)
BACKGROUND With epigenome-wide mapping of DNA methylation, a number of novel smoking-associated loci have been identified. OBJECTIVES We aimed to assess dose-response relationships of methylation at the top hits from the epigenome-wide methylation studies with smoking exposure as well as with total and cause-specific mortality. METHODS In a(More)
Cell migration is an important physiological process among others controlled by ion channel activity. Calcium-activated potassium channels (K(Ca)3.1) are required for optimal cell migration. Previously, we identified single human (h)K(Ca)3.1 channel proteins in the plasma membrane by means of quantum dot (QD) labeling. In the present study, we tracked(More)