Christian Stanetty

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Glycyrrhetinic acid, the metabolite of the natural product glycyrrhizin, is a well known nonselective inhibitor of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (11β-HSD) type 1 and type 2. Whereas inhibition of(More)
The acyloxyallylation of unprotected aldoses was first demonstrated more than a decade ago as a potentially elegant two-carbon homologation of reducing sugars (upon ozonolysis); however, its(More)
The structurally conserved lipopolysaccharide core region of many Gram-negative bacteria is composed of trisaccharides containing 4-O-phosphorylated L-glycero-D-manno-heptose (L,D-Hep) units, which(More)
Methyl l-glycero-α-d-manno-heptopyranoside was synthesized in good yield by a Fischer-type glycosylation of the heptopyranose with methanol in the presence of cation-exchange resin under reflux and(More)