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BACKGROUND Despite years of research, it is still unclear which women with node-negative (N-) breast cancer will need adjuvant chemotherapy and which women are being treated unnecessarily. Our goal was to determine which factors best predicted disease free survival (DFS) or cancer-specific overall survival (OS) and, therefore, select the correct patients(More)
Pediatric feeding disorders are estimated to occur in as many as one in every four infants and children, and when serious can require numerous, costly and sustained interventions. For over a decade research has cumulated evidence on the contributions of Behavior Analysis in understanding and remediating some types of pediatric feeding disorders. The(More)
To evaluate the effect of long-term bronchodilator therapy in CF patients with demonstrated bronchial hyperresponsiveness, we first performed methacholine challenges to determine responsiveness, then entered 27 patients (16 methacholine responders and 11 nonresponders) into a two-month double-blind crossover trial of albuterol, 90 micrograms by inhalation(More)
To evaluate whether increased airway reactivity affected the course of patients with cystic fibrosis (CF), we categorized 40 CF patients as to methacholine sensitivity and then evaluated their disease activity and natural history. Twenty methacholine reactors had more severe lung disease (lower S-K clinical scores and more impairment of pulmonary function)(More)
(2001). An assessment of food acceptance in children with autism or pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified. Dietary diversity is associated with child nutritional status: evidence from 11 demographic and health surveys. (2010). Food selectivity in children with autism spectrum disorders and typically developing children. (2010). Food(More)
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