Christian Soize

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A new approach is presented for analyzing random uncertainties in dynamical systems. This approach consists of modeling random uncertainties by a nonparametric model allowing transient responses of mechanical systems submitted to impulsive loads to be predicted in the context of linear structural dynamics. The information used does not require the(More)
The basic random variables on which random uncertainties can in a given model depend can be viewed as defining a measure space with respect to which the solution to the mathematical problem can be defined. This measure space is defined on a product measure associated with the collection of basic random variables. This paper clarifies the mathematical(More)
Make more knowledge even in less time every day. You may not always spend your time and money to go abroad and get the experience and knowledge by yourself. Reading is a good alternative to do in getting this desirable knowledge and experience. You may gain many things from experiencing directly, but of course it will spend much money. So here, by reading(More)
A general methodology is presented for the consideration of both data and model uncertainty in the determination of the response of geometrically nonlinear structural dynamic systems. The approach is rooted in the availability of reduced order models of these nonlinear systems with a deterministic basis extracted from a reference model (the mean model).(More)
Cortical bone and the surrounding soft tissues are attenuating and heterogeneous media, which might affect the signals measured with axial transmission devices. This work aims at evaluating the effect of the heterogeneous acoustic absorption in bone and in soft tissues on the bone ultrasonic response. Therefore, a two-dimensional finite element time-domain(More)
The design of cars is mainly based on the use of computational models to analyze structural vibrations and internal acoustic levels. Considering the very high complexity of such structural-acoustic systems, and in order to improve the robustness of such computational structural-acoustic models, both model uncertainties and data uncertainties must be taken(More)
The paper deals with an experimental validation of a nonparametric probabilistic model of nonhomogeneous uncertainties for dynamical systems. The theory used, recently introduced, allows model uncertainties and data uncertainties to be simultaneously taken into account. An experiment devoted to this validation was specifically developed. The experimental(More)
Abstract. This paper presents a theoretical approach for constructing a reduced model in the medium frequency range in the area of structural dynamics for a general three-dimensional anisotropic and inhomogeneous viscoelastic bounded medium. All the results presented can be used for beams, plates and shells. The boundary value problem in the frequency(More)
This paper deals with a short overview on stochastic modeling of uncertainties. We introduce the types of uncertainties, the variability of real systems, the types of probabilistic approaches, the representations for the stochastic models of uncertainties, the construction of the stochastic models using the maximum entropy principle, the propagation of(More)