Christian Siemers

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In software and hardware development MATLAB and Simulink are used to model cyber physical systems for many years, , especially in automation technology and the automotive industry. Compliance with the required product quality and project efficiency is facilitated by analyzing and transforming Simulink models. The existing API, provided by MATLAB is only(More)
Mechatronic systems request for high reliability, especially in the context of time where mostly hard real-time capabilities are mandatory. Maybe even stronger requirements regard the robustness against software failures and interdependences from erroneous tasks to others. This paper proposes the concept of robust partitioning for reliable real-time(More)
Mechatronic systems often require hard real-time behaviour of the controlling system. The standard solution for this kind of application is based on the time-triggered approach, and for certain circumstances the schedulability is provable. In contrast to this, the approach in this paper introduces some hardware enhancements that allow first to substitute(More)
The continues improvement of aircraft's as well as the steady optimization of the overall air traffic during the last decade increased the demand for processing power in the aircraft and on ground, simultaneously. Typical improvements include (1) the Fly-by-wire systems, where hydraulic systems are partly replaced by electrical components and electronic(More)