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A prototypic study of the molecular mechanisms of activation or inactivation of peptide hormone G protein-coupled receptors was carried out on the human B2 bradykinin receptor. A detailed pharmacological analysis of receptor mutants possessing either increased constitutive activity or impaired activation or ligand recognition allowed us to propose key(More)
The consequences of purinoceptor activation on calcium signalling, inositol phosphate metabolism, protein secretion and the actin cytoskeleton were demonstrated in the WRK-1 cell line. Extracellular ATP was used as a secretagogue to induce a rise in intracellular Ca(2+) concentration ([Ca(2+)](i)), acting via P2x purinergic receptors, which causes actin(More)
This work was designed to determine whether IGF-1 and EGF modulate nuclear transfer and transactivation of the androgen receptor (AR) in human prostate cell lines (PNT1A and DU-145). We first characterized the IGF-1 and EGF receptors by ligand-binding assays with [125I] IGF-1 and [125I] EGF in a normal human prostate epithelial cell line, PNT1A. We then(More)
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