Christian Schwingenschlögl

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In the presence of attackers reliable and trustworthy operation of mobile ad hoc networks is impossible without secure routing protocols. Within the research community many different approaches have been suggested usually for stand-alone mobile ad hoc network (MANET) scenarios. However, most use-cases for MANETs involve the usage of additional network(More)
Wireless network coding has the potential to enhance the capacity of wireless mesh networks (WMNs). However, most of the work considering the practical deployment of network coding in WMNs considers only IEEE 802.11 based medium access control (MAC) layers. The recent emergence of sophisticated MAC standards supporting WMNs (e.g. IEEE 802.16) make it(More)
Because of its reactive nature, AODV can handle the highly-dynamic behavior of vehicular Ad-Hoc networks relatively efficiently. However, in addition to link status information, a lot of other information is available within cars, e.g. information about speed and location as well as digital maps. The realization of some of the envisioned application(More)
This paper describes the Virtual City Portal prototype that is developed within the SOFTNET project. The system allows automobile users to request information or communication services using different wireless access systems. We integrate, broadcast networks like DVB-T for area-wide broadband delivery of general information, Wireless LAN for hot spot access(More)
Service discovery protocols help users of a communication network to find services, applications, and devices that are available in the network. This feature is especially useful for mobile users in foreign networks and for groups of users that form a spontaneous (ad hoc) wireless network. As the demand for service discovery is growing, security is becoming(More)
The IEEE 802.16-2004 standard specifies wireless broadband networks with optional support for multi-hop mesh operation (mesh mode). The provision and support of high-quality real-time services such as voice over IP is crucial, if wireless networks based on the IEEE 802.162004 standard are to challenge wired network services. In this paper we investigate and(More)
Bluetooth 1.0 was published in 1999 as an industry standard for short-range wireless data and voice communication. Application profiles cover cordless telephony, wireless access to printers, fax machines or LANs, Personal Area Networking and more. In order to handle this variety of services and nevertheless guarantee interoperability and auto-configuration(More)