Christian Schwab

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Industrial automation is currently on the cusp to the application of distributed systems based on distributed intelligence enabling distributed decision making within control. As one main technology within this field IEC 61499 based function block systems would be applied. But the usage of function block systems may cause problems which have to be avoided(More)
The paper presents the design and implementation of an innovative Integrated Development Environment, developed within the on-going European Research Project TORERO, to model and design reusable distributed control systems (DCS). This project proposes an architecture which relies on a development environment based on the Eclipse tool and the emerging(More)
Xeroderma pigmentosum is a very rare precancerous skin disease that is triggered by sunlight. It is caused by a defect in the DNA repair system and causes benign and malignant transformations. Only eye tissues that come into contact with UV light are affected, such as the lids, conjunctiva and cornea. We describe a patient who suffered from xeroderma(More)
Small telescopes coupled to high resolution spectrometers are powerful tools for Doppler planet searches. They allow for high cadence observations and flexible scheduling; yet there are few such facilities. We present an innovative and inexpensive design for CHIRON, a high resolution (R~80.000) Echelle spectrometer for the 1.5m telescope at CTIO.(More)
Within this work in progress paper, a concept for uniform engineering of wide-area distributed control systems (DCS), ranging from local area networks (LANs) to wide area networks (WANs), and forming "virtual automation networks" will be presented. Based on this heterogeneous communication infrastructure, incorporating all kinds of communication(More)
The application of distributed control systems is one of the main trends in current automation. Here, besides the programming of the control application code and its functional allocation to specific devices, an important point is the implementation of communication related code to exploit the underlying communication platform and realise the collaboration(More)
We have injected a HeNe laser at 543 nm into the science fiber. A set of lenses and a diaphragm (in collimated space) were used after the laser to inject the beam with the correct focal ratio. The diameter of the diaphragm was set to 4 mm, while the focal length of the focusing lens was 19 mm, which gives an input focal ratio (IFR) of F/4.75. After aligning(More)
Previous research has shown that cows fed ≥24% of the diet dry matter (DM) as field peas decreased milk yield as well as concentration and yield of milk protein, possibly due to reduced DM intake and limited supply of Lys and Met. Twelve multiparous and 4 primiparous lactating Holstein cows were randomly assigned to 1 of 4 diets in a replicated 4 × 4 Latin(More)