Christian Schulz

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The aim of the work is the integration of combined heat and power (CHP) micro-units into the low voltage network under technical and economical point of view. The whole power and gas consumption of a new residential district are measured and recorded in fifteen minutes intervals during one year. Based on these power and gas load curves the basis of a(More)
An innovative and sensitive plasma probe suitable for the supervision and control of low-temperature plasma sterilization processes is presented in this contribution. For heat or chemical sensitive materials, plasmas are an indispensable tool regarding the sterilization of surgery instruments, for example. The presented Multipole Resonance Probe (MRP)(More)
Communication and topology aware process mapping is a powerful approach to reduce communication time in parallel applications with known communication patterns on large, distributed memory systems. We address the problem as a quadratic assignment problem (QAP), and present algorithms to construct initial mappings of processes to processors as well as fast(More)
This paper presents a novel industry compatible plasma probe for monitoring systems in dielectric deposition processes. The probe is based on the so called active plasma resonance spectroscopy and allows an extensive evaluation of different important plasma parameters, needed for the supervision and control of the plasma deposition process. Due to its(More)
A Monte Carlo–probability density function (pdf) method based on a Lagrangian particle technique to calculate the transported pdf of the thermochemical (scalar) properties has been implemented in the finite volume code KIVA-3 to model three-dimensional premixed transient combustion in a two-stroke engine. The main advantage of the pdf method is that(More)
In this contribution, a novel measuring method for the differentiation of intra vascular plaque types is presented. The proposed method operates contact free because of the mm-wave based approach. Fundamentals concerning material properties of blood and plaque, and electromagnetic barrier reflections are discussed. Furthermore, a test setup consisting of a(More)
In this contribution, we present latest measurement results on human blood permittivity within the frequency range from 10GHz to 40GHz. Because bio sensor testing inside of real human blood is often critical, we propose a substitution material that is nonhazardous and unperishable. Furthermore, corresponding parameters for the advanced Cole-Cole model are(More)