Christian Schuchhardt

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In 34 tumors of different origin 50 comparisons between the tumor response in the patients and in nude mice were performed. Combination chemotherapy was more successful than single agent chemotherapy. Out of the 25 combinations given, 9 (36%) effected a remission in comparison to 4 out of 25 (16%) after single agent chemotherapy. 13 patients got a remission(More)
Early terms of lymphostasis in lipedema can be detected with lymphoscintigraphy. A normal examination almost certainly excludes a lymphatic component. Indirect lymphography is only used to rule out morphological abnormalities of lymph vessels. If a lymphoscintigraphic study is normal indirect lymphography is not indicated.
Using the subrenal capsule assay in normal mice, a histologic evaluation was made of 8 human primary ovarian tumours and 3 human colon, 2 lung and 5 ovarian carcinomas growing in serial passage in nude mice. The results of the evaluation indicated that there is a tumour- and drug-dependent correlation between the macroscopically and microscopically(More)
The effects of repeated d-galactosamine (GalN) administration - i.e. subacute GalN intoxication - on rat liver cell nucleoli were examined. After an initial intraperitoneal injection of 375 mg GalN/kg body weight the rats were treated with 250 mg GalN/kg body weight daily at intervals between 24 h and 30 days. The rats were sacrificed six h after the last(More)
Lymphedema, which may be either primary or secondary, is a usually chronic disease that is due to a disturbance in the flow of lymph in the lymphatic vessels. Although it can readily be diagnosed on the basis of such simple measures as history-taking and the clinical findings, it is nevertheless often not recognized. Typical complications such as erysipelas(More)
D-Galactosamine hepatitis cannot be induced in rapidly replicating liver tissue at various times after induction of proliferation. Proliferation was induced by administration of alpha-hexachlorocyclohexane. The morphological features of galactosamine hepatitis do not appear or are very mild. The onset of DNA synthesis is delayed to about 12 hrs as also(More)
The authors investigated the influence of a preoperative irradiation on the rate of successful implantations and the growth behavior of human hypernephromas implanted into nude mice. No successful implantation was observed in hypernephromas preirradiated with a dose of 2000 rd, which was also confirmed by histologic examinations. The rate of successful(More)