Christian Schubert

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Optical coherence tomography (OCT) has become an established diagnostic tool for the clinical assessment of retinal pathology but correlation of acquired signals with retinal substructures has often been ambiguous. In the monkey retina we have now obtained ultrahigh resolution (UHR) OCT images with 1.4 microm axial x 3 microm transverse resolution from(More)
<i>Design by Contract</i> (DBC) is a programming technique to separate contract enforcement from application code. DBC provides information about the applicability of methods and helps to narrow down the search space in case of a software failure. However, most DBC implementations suffer from inflexibility: Contract enforcement can only be activated or(More)
This study addresses the correlation of retinal topography with factors such as the visual environment, life style, and behavior for a major mammalian group, the artiodactyls. To provide a broader basis for semiquantitative comparison, short-wavelength-sensitive (S)- and middle-to-long-wavelength-sensitive (M)-opsin cone receptor populations from 25 species(More)
In mammals, cone photoreceptor subtypes are thought to establish topographies that reflect the species-relevant properties of the visual environment. Middle- to long-wavelength-sensitive (M) cones are the dominant population and in most species they form an area centralis at the visual axis. Short-wavelength-sensitive (S) cone topographies do not always(More)
Little is known about the dynamic characteristics of stress system activity during "life as it is lived". Using as representative a study design as possible, this investigation sought to gain insights into this area. A healthy 25-year-old woman collected her entire urine over a period of 63 days in 12-h intervals (126 measurements) to determine cortisol and(More)
This paper presents a novel algorithm, named <i>Reshuffling</i>, for manipulating a system of differential-algebraic equations (DAE). An algorithm is introduced to rearrange edges in the graph representation of the DAE in order to resolve cycles. The algorithm comprises a method to detect cycles of linear equations in the bipartite graph and to rearrange(More)
Over the last years, a lot of effort has been spent on the development and implementation of parallel computing techniques for Modelica models. Especially the field of automatic parallel computation of the state derivatives has been studied intensively. First results of the project HPC-OM have shown, that a significant speedup for simulation models of the(More)
BACKGROUND Quantitative evaluation of mosaics of photoreceptors and neurons is essential in studies on development, aging and degeneration of the retina. Manual counting of samples is a time consuming procedure while attempts to automatization are subject to various restrictions from biological and preparation variability leading to both over- and(More)