Christian Schmid

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Tversky (1972) has proposed a family of models for paired-comparison data that generalize the Bradley-Terry-Luce (BTL) model and can, therefore, apply to a diversity of situations in which the BTL model is doomed to fail. In this article, we present a Matlab function that makes it easy to specify any of these general models (EBA, Pretree, or BTL) and to(More)
Reduced supply of the amino acid methionine increases longevity across species through an as yet elusive mechanism. Here, we report that methionine restriction (MetR) extends yeast chronological lifespan in an autophagy-dependent manner. Single deletion of several genes essential for autophagy (ATG5, ATG7 or ATG8) fully abolished the longevity-enhancing(More)
The heterologous expression of biosynthetic pathways for pharmaceutical or fine chemical production requires suitable expression hosts and vectors. In eukaryotes, the pathway flux is typically balanced by stoichiometric fine-tuning of reaction steps by varying the transcript levels of the genes involved. Regulated (inducible) promoters are desirable to(More)
Linear optics quantum logic gates are the best tool to generate multiphoton entanglement. Simplifying a recent approach, we were able to implement the conditional phase gate with only one second-order interference at a polarization dependent beam splitter, thereby significantly increasing its stability. The improved quality of the gate is evaluated by(More)
We present a simple and practical protocol for the solution of a secure multiparty communication task, the secret sharing, and its proof-of-principle experimental realization. In this protocol, a secret is split among several parties in a way that its reconstruction requires the collaboration of the participating parties. In our scheme the parties solve the(More)