Christian Scherrer

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An experiment on the very poor alpine pasture, the Geo montani-Nardetum, was started in 1930. Fertilizer was applied in the years 1930–1936 (first treatment) and 1946–50 (second treatment). Until now, the influence of the fertilization is visible in the species composition of the vegetation of the squares, most clearly for the treatments with limestone. The(More)
In this paper we present a neural network approach for predicting a conditional probability density function (pdf) for the daily Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) return. The conditional pdf is given by a user-defined amount of random numbers. We fit a classical tempered stable distribution (CTS) to the output which allows us to define a stochastic(More)
The cytokeratin pattern of medullary, mixed and cortical thymomas and thymic carcinomas were analyzed by two-dimensional equilibrium electrophoresis. Extracts from a medullary thymoma and normal, total thymi showed a similar pattern. On the other hand in cortical thymomas and very similar in thymic carcinomas there were marked changes in the cytokeratin(More)
The T cell component of eight thymomas has been studied by immunohistochemistry and Southern blot analysis. In the cortical areas of thymomas the T cells expressed an immature cortical phenotype. In cortical and medullary areas T cell Receptor (TcR) alpha-beta lymphocytes heavily predominated over TcR gamma-delta lymphocytes. No genomic rearrangement of TcR(More)
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