Christian Scheer

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The clinical potential of computer assisted surgery (CAS) has been more and more widely acknowledged since CAS systems have been introduced into the operating room (OR) theater. Especially the improvements in safety and accuracy are remarkable and strengthen the ties between surgeons and engineers. Tumor stereotaxis was introduced to neurological surgery in(More)
Image guided freehand navigation of surgical instruments has been applied to the Bernese periacetabular osteotomy, a complex surgical technique for the treatment of dysplastic hips. This navigation system has been introduced into the operating room and has so far been used for 12 patients. Image data from computed tomography (CT) scans are presented in(More)
The HUPO Brain Proteome Project is an initiative coordinating proteomics studies to characterise human and mouse brain proteomes. Proteins identified in human brain samples during the project's pilot phase were put into biological context through integration with various annotation sources followed by a bioinformatics analysis. The data set was related to(More)
Guidelines recommend administering antibiotics within 1 h of sepsis recognition but this recommendation remains untested by randomized trials. This trial was set up to investigate whether survival is improved by reducing the time before initiation of antimicrobial therapy by means of a multifaceted intervention in compliance with guideline recommendations.(More)
Understanding the function of membrane proteins is of fundamental importance due to their crucial roles in many cellular processes and their direct association with human disorders. However, their analysis poses a special challenge, largely due to their highly amphipathic nature. Until recently, analyses of proteomic samples mainly were performed by(More)
PURPOSE Current guidelines and most trials do not consider elevated lactate (Lac) serum concentrations when grading sepsis severity. We therefore assessed the association of different types of circulatory dysfunction regarding presence of hyperlactatemia and need for vasopressor support with clinical presentation and outcome of sepsis. METHODS In a(More)
To secure the availability of machines and facilities, the reaction to beginning damage must be as fast as possible. Thus, early detection of damage initiation is crucial to the quick planning and execution of reconditioning measures. This helps to minimize downtime and increase availability. Modern high performance transmissions in fabrication and energy(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the impact of a quality improvement initiative for severe sepsis and septic shock focused on the resuscitation bundle on 90-day mortality. Furthermore, effects on compliance rates for antiinfective therapy within the recommended 1-hour interval are evaluated. DESIGN Prospective observational before-after cohort study. SETTING(More)
The aim of this study was to develop and test in vitro an opto-electronic positioning device for serial direct digital images of oral structures, i.e. to associate direct digital imaging with the principles of computer-aided surgery. This system registered positions of infrared light emitting diodes (LED) on carriers, establishing local coordinate systems.(More)
The growing focus on customer relationship forces enterprises to redesign their processes more customer oriented. This article suggests a classification of customer orientation from the customer’s perspective. Within this classification we discuss processes to obtain customer-oriented products and services in enterprises. To create a comprehensive solution(More)