Christian Schaper

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Alpha2-adrenergic receptor agonists exert potent analgesic and sedative/hypnotic effects. In addition, they have been shown to be neuroprotective, but the mechanisms of these actions are still poorly defined. To isolate proteins that may control alpha2-adrenergic receptor function or trafficking, we performed a two-hybrid screen using the carboxy-terminal(More)
Neuroprotective effects of alpha(2)-adrenergic receptor (AR) agonists are mediated via the alpha(2A)AR subtype, but the molecular mechanisms underlying these actions are still not elucidated. A two-hybrid screen was performed to identify new proteins that may control alpha(2)AR receptor function and trafficking. This screen identified the ubiquitin(More)
BACKGROUND Anesthesia and sleep share physiologic and behavioral similarities. The anesthetic requirement of the recently identified Drosophila mutant minisleeper and other Drosophila mutants was investigated. METHODS Sleep and wakefulness were determined by measuring activity of individual wild-type and mutant flies. Based on the response of the flies at(More)
HIV vaccine trials present significant challenges related to trial endpoints, vaccine efficacy measurement, and the role of nonvaccine interventions. Infection is a valid endpoint for detecting sterilizing immunity. But if the vaccine prevents AIDS without preventing infection, infection may be a misleading surrogate. Appropriate endpoints must be defined(More)
Nefopam, a non-opioid, centrally acting benzoxazocine analgesic, proved to be as efficient in treatment of postanaesthetic thermoregulatory shivering as clonidine or meperidine. However, its exact mechanism of action is still unclear. Potent anti-shivering activity was also demonstrated for physostigmine primarily based on cholinergic but probably also(More)
The EU agricultural policy has recently been characterized by radical changes that increase market volatilities. Especially in the dairy market, fluctuating prices as well as production and political risks lead to high uncertainty for farmers. Based on a comprehensive survey, this paper discusses the risk perception and risk management strategies of dairy(More)
Although the personality correlates of heroin addiction, LSD use, and marijuana smoking have been frequently investigated, relatively few data are available to describe the personality or lifestyle variables correlated with the pattern of polydrug abuse, In an attempt to gather such information, 17 polydrug users, selected from a group of 224 young adult,(More)
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