Christian Schäfer

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A Monte Carlo algorithm is said to be adaptive if it automatically calibrates its current proposal distribution using past simulations. The choice of the parametric family that defines the set of proposal distributions is critical for good performance. In this paper, we present such a parametric family for adaptive sampling on high-dimensional binary(More)
The design of suitable packet-filters protecting subnets against network based attacks is usually difficult and error-prone. Therefore, tool-assistance shall facilitate the design task and shall contribute to the correctness of the filters, i.e., the filters should be consistent with the other security mechanisms of the computer network, in particular with(More)
Tool support for the development of Domain-specific Languages (DSLs) is continuously increasing. This reduces implementation effort for DSLs and enables the development of rather complex languages within reasonable amounts of time. However, the lack of commonly agreed and applied language engineering processes, many times turns DSL development into a set of(More)
The health care region Baltic Coast is within the framework of the joint project HICARE (Health, Innovative Care & Regional Economy) to be developed from January 2011 to December 2014 into a model region to combat the spread of multi-resistant organisms (MRO). The concept of the project area "IT & Epidemiology" will be introduced here. An IT system is to be(More)
The transport of substrates is one of the main tasks of biomolecular machines in living organisms. We report a synthetic small-molecule system designed to catch, displace, and release molecular cargo in solution under external control. The system consists of a bistable rotaxane that behaves as an acid-base controlled molecular shuttle, whose ring component(More)
Despite the availability of elaborate varieties of nanoparticles, their assembly into regular superstructures and photonic materials remains challenging. Here we show how flexible films of stacked polymer nanoparticles can be directly assembled in a roll-to-roll process using a bending-induced oscillatory shear technique. For sub-micron spherical(More)
An acid-base switchable molecular shuttle based on a [2]rotaxane, incorporating stable radical units in both the ring and dumbbell components, is reported. The [2]rotaxane comprises a dibenzo[24]crown-8 ring (DB24C8) interlocked with a dumbbell component that possesses a dialkylammonium (NH2 (+)) and a 4,4'-bipyridinium (BPY(2+)) recognition site.(More)
So far, little is known about the effect of nutrition and lifestyle on the composition of circulating lipoprotein subfractions. In the current study, we measured the correlations among physical activity, nutrient intake, smoking, body-mass index (BMI), and age with the concentration of triglycerides, cholesterol, phospholipids, and apolipoproteins (ApoA1,(More)