Christian Salzig

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The superior olivary complex (SOC) is an essential auditory brainstem relay involved in sound localization. To identify the genetic program underlying its maturation, we profiled the rat SOC transcriptome at postnatal days 0, 4, 16, and 25 (P0, P4, P16, and P25, respectively), using genome-wide microarrays (41,012 oligonucleotides (oligos)). Differences in(More)
—Process variations increasingly challenge the manu-facturability of advanced devices and the yield of integrated circuits. Technology computer-aided design (TCAD) has the potential to make key contributions to minimize this problem, by assessing the impact of certain variations on the device, circuit, and system. In this way, TCAD can provide the(More)
Technical pentabrominated diphenyl ether (pentaBDE mix) is a mixture of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) which has been widely used as a flame retardant. Since its ban in several countries it has been replaced by other brominated flame retardants such as hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD). Both certain PBDE congeners and HBCD are present in environmental(More)
The metabolism of nitrogen-rich nucleosides in Arabidopsis seedlings was investigated at the level of import and subsequent salvage or degradation. Uptake and fate of nucleosides imported by equilibrative nucleoside transporter 3 (ENT3) was analysed and, furthermore, a comprehensive analysis of the effect of exogenously fed nucleosides at the level of(More)
A critical issue in large-scale gene expression analysis is the impact of sexually dimorphic genes, which may confound the results when sampling across sexes. Here, we assessed, for the first time, sex differences at the transcriptome level in the auditory brainstem. To this end, microarray experiments covering the whole rat genome were performed in the(More)
With the trend from micro- to nanoelectronics the control of production deviations can not keep pace with the reduction of the absolute sizes of semiconductor devices. This results in an increased number of circuits beyond specification. The presented symbolic methods for reducing behavioral models with parameter variations assist designing and optimizing(More)
In this paper we introduce a robust method for the model-driven design of reduced parameter-varying analog systems. The ideas behind our approach are twofold: On the one hand we present an algorithm for decreasing the model order of large systems. It utilizes the hierarchical structure of compound systems to simplify component models while ensuring the(More)
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