Christian Salzig

Hans Gerd Nothwang2
Eckhard Friauf2
Heike Ehmann2
2Hans Gerd Nothwang
2Eckhard Friauf
2Heike Ehmann
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The superior olivary complex (SOC) is an essential auditory brainstem relay involved in sound localization. To identify the genetic program underlying its maturation, we profiled the rat SOC transcriptome at postnatal days 0, 4, 16, and 25 (P0, P4, P16, and P25, respectively), using genome-wide microarrays (41,012 oligonucleotides (oligos)). Differences in(More)
A critical issue in large-scale gene expression analysis is the impact of sexually dimorphic genes, which may confound the results when sampling across sexes. Here, we assessed, for the first time, sex differences at the transcriptome level in the auditory brainstem. To this end, microarray experiments covering the whole rat genome were performed in the(More)
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