Christian Sabatier

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BACKGROUND Bioreactance estimates cardiac output in a non-invasive way. We evaluated the ability of a bioreactance device (NICOM®) to estimate cardiac index (CI) and to track relative changes induced by volume expansion. METHODS In 48 critically ill patients, we measured CI estimated by the NICOM® device (CINicom) and by transpulmonary thermodilution(More)
— Characterization of the propagation channel is the first step toward the development of accurate MIMO channel models. Unfortunately, comprehensive characterization of the UWB propagation channel requires a complex measurement setup. Usually, simpler configurations are used for space-time characterization which leads to biased statistical results. This(More)
Volume expansion is used in patients with hemodynamic insufficiency in an attempt to improve cardiac output. Finding criteria to predict fluid responsiveness would be helpful to guide resuscitation and to avoid excessive volume effects. Static and dynamic indicators have been described to predict fluid responsiveness under certain conditions. In this review(More)
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