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The Test of Time in School-Based Mentoring: The Role of Relationship Duration and Re-Matching on Academic Outcomes
The influence of match length and re-matching on the effectiveness of school-based mentoring was studied in the context of a national, randomized study of 1,139 youth in Big Brothers Big SistersExpand
Pathways of influence in school-based mentoring: the mediating role of parent and teacher relationships.
This study explores the pathways through which school-based mentoring relationships are associated with improvements in elementary and high school students' socio-emotional, academic, and behavioralExpand
The impact of hurricane Katrina on the mental and physical health of low-income parents in New Orleans.
The purpose of this study was to document changes in mental and physical health among 392 low-income parents exposed to Hurricane Katrina and to explore how hurricane-related stressors and lossExpand
The impact of school-based mentoring on youths with different relational profiles.
Associations between youths' relationship profiles and mentoring outcomes were explored in the context of a national, randomized study of 1,139 youths (54% female) in geographically diverse BigExpand
Pre-hurricane perceived social support protects against psychological distress: a longitudinal analysis of low-income mothers.
OBJECTIVE In this study, we examined the influence of pre-disaster perceived social support on post-disaster psychological distress among survivors of Hurricane Katrina. METHOD Participants (N =Expand
Religious coping, posttraumatic stress, psychological distress, and posttraumatic growth among female survivors four years after Hurricane Katrina.
Positive and negative religious coping strategies and their relation with posttraumatic stress (PTS), psychological distress, and posttraumatic growth (PTG) were examined in the context of HurricaneExpand
The impact of pet loss on the perceived social support and psychological distress of hurricane survivors.
Associations between pet loss and posthurricane perceived social support and psychological distress were explored. Participants (N = 365) were primarily low-income African American single mothers whoExpand
Measuring Exposure in Hurricane Katrina: A Meta-Analysis and an Integrative Data Analysis
To date there is no consensus on the operationalization of exposure severity in the study of the impact of natural disasters. This is problematic because incomplete and inconsistent measurement ofExpand
Youth mentoring and spiritual development.
Mentoring through faith-based programs could reach some of the most severely disadvantaged youth, yet efforts could be undermined if proselytizing occurs.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy for sleep disturbances in treating posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
Sleep disturbances are frequently reported in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). There is evidence that sleep disturbance is not only a secondary symptom but also a risk factor forExpand