Christian S Schwandt

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A six-month-old, male Bernese Mountain Dog in which radius-ulna and tibia-fibula concomitant fractures were treated each with a 3.5 mm Locking Compression Plate (LCP) is presented. Both fractures were approached and plated medially. The tibial fracture had to be revised with a 4.5 mm intramedullary nail and a new 3.5 mm LCP at the second post-operative day(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the angles between the patellar ligament and the tibial plateau and between the patellar ligament and the common tangent at the tibiofemoral contact point (TFCP) in stifle joints of dogs with partial rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament (CrCL) for comparison with data obtained for stifle joints in dogs with intact CrCLs. SAMPLE(More)
Three adult patients were presented with sudden onset of intestinal signs. An intestinal intussusception was diagnosed in all three cases by ultrasound and exploratory celiotomy. Three different benign intraluminal tumours were the eliciting cause of intussusception. The tumours had equal macroscopic appearance consisting of a stalk attached to the(More)
OBJECTIVES The main objectives were to evaluate the impact of femorotibial subluxation on the preoperative measurements for tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA) by defining radiographic landmarks and testing the repeatability for assessing cranial tibial subluxation (CTS). Also, we aimed at developing a formula to calculate the necessary adjustment in(More)
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