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Knowledge-based product configurators support their users in tailoring configurable products according to their specific demands and these systems have been successfully applied in many industrial sectors over the last decades. However, within today's networked economy, the complex solutions offered to the customers are in many cases assembled from(More)
Spreadsheets are in widespread industrial use for lightweight business applications, whereby the broad acceptance is both founded on the underlying intuitive interaction style with immediate feedback and a " programming model " comprehensible for non-programmers. In this paper we show how the spreadsheet development paradigm can be extended to model and(More)
— A comprehensive study of electrostatic discharge (ESD) characterization of atomically thin graphene is reported. In a material comprising only a few atomic layers, the thermally destructive second breakdown transmission line puls-ing (TLP) current (It2) reaches a remarkable 4 mA/µm for 100-ns TLP and ∼8 mA/µm for 10-ns TLP or an equivalent current density(More)