Christian Rufener

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We present OSIRIS, an entirely in-house developed drug discovery informatics system. Its components cover all information handling aspects from compound synthesis via biological testing to preclinical development. Its design principles are platform and vendor independence, a consistent look and feel, and complete coverage of the drug discovery process by(More)
Drug discovery projects in the pharmaceutical industry accumulate thousands of chemical structures and ten-thousands of data points from a dozen or more biological and pharmacological assays. A sufficient interpretation of the data requires understanding, which molecular families are present, which structural motifs correlate with measured properties, and(More)
BACKGROUND Wikipedia, the world's largest and most popular encyclopedia is an indispensable source of chemistry information. It contains among others also entries for over 15,000 chemicals including metabolites, drugs, agrochemicals and industrial chemicals. To provide an easy access to this wealth of information we decided to develop a substructure and(More)
Additions of enzymes involved in organic phosphorus (P) hydrolysis can be used to characterize the hydrolyzability of molybdate-unreactive P (MUP) in soil water extracts. Our aim was to test the feasibility of enzyme additions to soil water suspensions with respect to (1) suitable enzyme preparations and (2) recovery of molybdate-reactive P (MRP). To this(More)
An immunocytochemical technique using specific antiglucagon serum reveals the presence of glucagon-containing cells situated exclusively in the oxyntic glandular mucosa of the dog stomach. Electron microscope examination of the mucosa demonstrated endocrine cells containing secretory granules with a round dense core surrounded by a clear halo,(More)
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