Christian Rose

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OBJECTIVES/METHODS This 1-yr prospective phase II trial evaluated the efficacy of deferasirox in regularly transfused patients aged 3-81 yrs with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS; n = 47), Diamond-Blackfan anaemia (DBA; n = 30), other rare anaemias (n = 22) or beta-thalassaemia (n = 85). Dosage was determined by baseline liver iron concentration (LIC). (More)
BACKGROUND Clinical features, complications and treatments of Gaucher's disease (GD), a rare autosomal-recessive disorder due to a confirmed lysosomal enzyme (glucocerebrosidase) deficiency, are described. METHODS All patients with known GD, living in France, with ≥ 1 consultations (1980-2010), were included in the French GD registry, yielding the(More)
We describe the characteristics and outcome of inflamma-tory arthritis in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) in a French multicenter retrospective study. Twenty-two patients with MDS (median age, 77.5 yr Einterquartile range, 69Y81^; 10 women) were included. Inflammatory arthritis presented as polyarthritis in 17 cases (77%) and with symmetric(More)
β-Thalassemia is a genetic disease caused by a defect in the production of the β-like globin chain. More than 200 known different variants can lead to the disease and are mainly found in populations that have been exposed to malaria parasites. We recently described a duplication of four nucleotides in the first exon of β-globin gene in several families of(More)
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