Christian Roder

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Writing parallel programs eeciently is still a problematic issue due to the lack of a uniform and integrated tool support. A new project at LRR-TUM works towards changing this situation for the most popular programming environment on workstation clusters: for PVM. The Tool-set for PVM will comprise a set of integrated tools, consisting of a debugger, a(More)
Without genetic variation, species cannot cope with changing environments, and evolution does not proceed. In endangered species, adaptive potential may be eroded by decreased population sizes and processes that further reduce gene flow such as philopatry and local adaptations. Here, we focused on the philopatric and endangered loggerhead sea turtle(More)
Dispersal during juvenile life stages drives the life-history evolution and dynamics of many marine vertebrate populations. However, the movements of juvenile organisms, too small to track using conventional satellite telemetry devices, remain enigmatic. For sea turtles, this led to the paradigm of the 'lost years' since hatchlings disperse widely with(More)
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