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The mobile robotic system Justin with its compliant controlled lightweight arms and its two four fingered hands is an optimal experimental platform for the study of complex manipulation tasks.The newly developed mobile platform allows the long distance autonomous operation of the system. It pushes the system forward towards an universal service robotic(More)
— We present a next-best-scan (NBS) planning approach for autonomous 3D modeling. The system successively completes a 3D model from complex shaped objects by iteratively selecting a NBS based on previously acquired data. For this purpose, new range data is accumulated in-the-loop into a 3D surface (streaming reconstruction) and new continuous scan paths(More)
This work focuses on autonomous surface reconstruction of small-scale objects with a robot and a 3D sensor. The aim is a high-quality surface model allowing for robotic applications such as grasping and manipulation. Our approach comprises the generation of next-best-scan (NBS) candidates and selection criteria, error minimization between scan patches and(More)
— This video presents the in-house developed DLR MiroSurge robotic system for surgery. As shown, the system is suitable for both minimally invasive and open surgery. Essential part of the system is the MIRO robot: The soft robotics feature enables intuitive interaction with the robot. In the presented minimally invasive robotic setup three MIROs guide an(More)
— This work is focused on global registration of surface models such as homogeneous triangle meshes and point clouds. The investigated approach utilizes feature descriptors in order to assign correspondences between the data sets and to reduce complexity by considering only characteristic feature points. It is based on the decomposability of rigid motions(More)
—This work is focused on streaming particle filter registration of surface models such as homogeneous triangle meshes and point clouds. Part of the approach is a streaming curvature feature calculation. The investigated approach utilizes a particle filter to incrementally update pose estimates during data acquisition. The method is evaluated in real data(More)
—This work contributes the optimization of a streaming pose estimation particle filter and its integration into an autonomous object modeling approach. The particle filter is advanced by an additional pose optimization in the particle weighting step. By integrating the method into the autonomous object modeling approach, the repositioning of objects is(More)
— This video presents the complete procedure for the optimal setup of the DLR MiroSurge telerobotic system for minimally invasive surgery. Two key features are implemented. First, optimization algorithms preoperatively determine several setups that are then rated and selected by the surgeon. Second, the intraoperative situation is taken into account. The(More)