Christian Rietz

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BACKGROUND . Rehabilitation of the severely affected paretic arm after stroke represents a major challenge, especially in the presence of sensory impairment. OBJECTIVE . To evaluate the effect of a therapy that includes use of a mirror to simulate the affected upper extremity with the unaffected upper extremity early after stroke. METHODS . Thirty-six(More)
Most neuropsychiatric disorders have a complex aetiology. Discovery of the underlying genetics will provide insights into the disorders and allow the subsequent development of therapeutic interventions based upon an understanding of causality. The first vulnerability genes in Alzheimer's disease (AD) have been identified. The contribution of each(More)
In Germany, the very old are the most rapidly growing proportion of the population. A comprehensive investigation of the conditions for a good quality of life in this group is relevant for both society and politics. The project “Quality of life and subjective well-being of the very old in North Rhine-Westphalia” (NRW80+) at the University of Cologne surveys(More)
Many of the psychometric instruments employed in dementia research are adapted versions of tests developed in countries different from those in which they are applied. The validity of these instruments has been established in their countries of origin; however, there is little information available regarding their validity when transferred to other(More)
In Turner syndrome (TS), an X-chromosomal anomaly characterised by total or partial loss of the second X-chromosome, muscle hypotonia, and lower proficiency in fine and gross motor skills have been described. It is assumed that the neuromotor phenotype in TS is linked with X-chromosomal factors (individual mosaicism) and with the oestrogen deficiency due to(More)
Heidemarie Abrahamian Ludwig Amrhein Kirsten Aner Aloisia Angermair Diana Auth Philipp Bahrmann Joao Batista Jr. Klaus Becher Alexander Bejan Petra Benzinger Esther Berkemer Roland Biber Karl-Jürgen Bieback Basak Bilecen Regine Bölter Hermann Brandenburg Tobias Braun Friedrich Breyer Thomas Brijoux Joanne Brooke Elisabeth Bubolz-Lutz Brigitte(More)
UNLABELLED Relatively new evidence suggests that movement representation techniques (ie, therapies that use the observation and/or imagination of normal pain-free movements, such as mirror therapy, motor imagery, or movement and/or action observation) might be effective in reduction of some types of limb pain. To summarize the evidence regarding the(More)
The interindividual varying cognitive performance in female patients with Turner's syndrome has usually been attributed to the interindividual varying mosaicism with a consecutive variable loss of X-chromosome DNA or to secondary risk factors such as estrogen deficiency owing to ovarian failure. The aim of our study was to determine the specific impact of X(More)
BACKGROUND In 2012 the Intelligibility in Context Scale (ICS) was published as a parent-report screening assessment that considers parents' perceptions of their children's functional intelligibility with a range of communication partners that differ in levels of authority and familiarity in real-life situations. To date, the ICS has been translated into 60(More)