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A scalable verification solution for blockchains
Bitcoin and Ethereum, whose miners arguably collectively comprise the most powerful computational resource in the history of mankind, offer no more power for processing and verifying transactionsExpand
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SMT-Based Verification of Solidity Smart Contracts
Ethereum smart contracts are programs that run inside a public distributed database called a blockchain. These smart contracts are used to handle tokens of value, can be accessed and analyzed byExpand
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Equivalence Problems for Circuits over Sets of Natural Numbers
We investigate the complexity of equivalence problems for {∪,∩,−,+,×}-circuits computing sets of natural numbers. These problems were first introduced by Stockmeyer and Meyer (1973). We continue thisExpand
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Applications of Discrepancy Theory in Multiobjective Approximation
We apply a multi-color extension of the Beck-Fiala theorem to show that the multiobjective maximum traveling salesman problem is randomized 1/2-approximable on directed graphs and randomizedExpand
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The Shrinking Property for NP and coNP
We study the shrinking and separation properties (two notions well-known in descriptive set theory) for and and show that under reasonable complexity-theoretic assumptions, both properties do notExpand
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A Predictable Incentive Mechanism for TrueBit
TrueBit is a protocol that uses interactive verification to allow a resource-constrained computation environment like a blockchain to perform much larger computations than usual in a trusted way. AsExpand
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Conjunctive grammars with restricted disjunction
It is shown that every conjunctive language is generated by a conjunctive grammar from a special subclass, in which every nonterminal A has at most one rule of the general form A->@a"[emailExpand
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Satisfiability of algebraic circuits over sets of natural numbers
We investigate the complexity of satisfiability problems for {@?,@?,^-,+,x}-circuits computing sets of natural numbers. These problems are a natural generalization of membership problems forExpand
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Approximability and Hardness in Multi-objective Optimization
We study the approximability and the hardness of combinatorial multi-objective NP optimization problems (multi-objective problems, for short). Our contributions are: - We define and compare severalExpand
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Autoreducibility of Complete Sets for Log-Space and Polynomial-Time Reductions
We investigate the autoreducibility and mitoticity of complete sets for several classes with respect to different polynomial-time and logarithmic-space reducibility notions. Previous work in thisExpand
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