Christian Reimer

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OBJECTIVES The Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy at the University Giessen, Germany, offers short-term (STT) and long-term inpatient therapy (LTT). METHODS In a prospective, 3-year follow-up study, we examined therapeutic indication, short- and long-term results, outcome predictors, and the utilization of aftercare for both settings. (More)
Sixty studies, published between 1948 and 1995, on attitudes toward mental health professionals, particularly psychotherapists, were systematically content analyzed. Descriptive results concerning the topics status, expertise, personality attributes, physical appearance, sex/gender, psychotherapeutic settings, and interactions between therapists and clients(More)
In alexithymia a frontal dysfunction is supposed to be a neurobiological correlate. This study focuses on distorted patterns of neuronal activity evoked by emotional stimuli in alexithymics and controls. Out of hospitalised patients with psychosomatic diseases 8 patients with a high score (HA) and 8 with a low one (NA) on the TAS-20 were investigated with(More)
The term "brittle diabetes" denotes the unstable course of an insulin-dependent diabetes characterised by frequent hypo- or hyperglycaemic crises. The aim of this study is to demonstrate empirically how psychosocial parameters interact with metabolic instability in a paradigmatic case of juvenile brittle diabetes. By means of a structured diary study, blood(More)
After mastectomy restoration of body symmetry, a very important aspect of coping with daily life, may be achieved either using breast forms that are suspended in a brassière or by a new system in which breast forms are attached by adhesive strips to the thorax walls. The system promises free and easy movement, favourable effects on lymphoedema, and(More)
Until now little is known about the role of participation in self-help groups alone or combined with psychotherapy in post-in-patient care. In the present study 2933 patients were questioned about their experience of self-help groups and psychotherapy after discharge from a clinic for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. Nearly 8 % of them utilized(More)
OBJECTIVES During the inpatient psychotherapy of a 21-year-old male patient with Brittle Diabetes, psychic reactions and changes of blood glucose after separation were studied. METHODS The patient was interviewed using the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI). Specific attachment-related stress factors were elaborated. During the course of therapy, blood(More)
BACKGROUND According to recent studies, there may be differences in quality of life for physicians depending on gender and field of medicine. Presently, there are hardly any data with respect to health-related quality of life in dermatologists. METHODS Using the SF-36 Health Survey, 112 dermatologists and 113 physicians in other fields of medicine were(More)
Based on an analysis of medical and psychological studies published in 1988-1992 a review about psychosomatic aspects of the menopause is presented. While more than 1000 studies on medical/gynecological aspects of the menopause and especially "hormone replacement therapy" were published in English or German, psychological aspects seemed to have been(More)