Christian Reber

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A systematic investigation into the relationship between the solid-state luminescence and the intermolecular Au⋅⋅⋅Au interactions in a series of pyrazolate-based gold(I) trimers; tris(μ2 -pyrazolato-N,N')-tri-gold(I) (1), tris(μ2 -3,4,5- trimethylpyrazolato-N,N')-tri-gold(I) (2), tris(μ2 -3-methyl-5-phenylpyrazolato-N,N')-tri-gold(I) (3) and tris(μ2(More)
A gold(I) complex with a triphenylphosphine and a monodentate N,N-dimethyldithiocarbamate ligand was synthesized and characterized by Raman spectroscopy and single crystal X-ray diffraction. DFT calculations (Gaussian 09, PBE1PBE/Lanl2dz) were undertaken for a single complex in the gas phase. The DFT-optimized structure and calculated Raman spectrum are in(More)
The compression of a crystalline material under hydrostatic pressure always results in a reduction in volume of the solid, with the observed reduction typically occurring in all crystallographic cell parameters. [1] However, there are a number of exceptional materials that have been shown to expand in a specific direction upon hydrostatic compression while(More)
Based on an empirical analysis of measurements with the High Resolution Doppler Imager (HRDI) on the UARS spacecraft in the upper mesosphere (95 km), persistent and regular intra-seasonal oscillations (ISO) with periods of about 2 to 4 months have recently been reported in the zonal-mean meridional winds. Similar oscillations have also been discussed(More)
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