Christian Reber

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A systematic investigation into the relationship between the solid-state luminescence and the intermolecular Au⋅⋅⋅Au interactions in a series of pyrazolate-based gold(I) trimers; tris(μ2 -pyrazolato-N,N')-tri-gold(I) (1), tris(μ2 -3,4,5- trimethylpyrazolato-N,N')-tri-gold(I) (2), tris(μ2 -3-methyl-5-phenylpyrazolato-N,N')-tri-gold(I) (3) and tris(μ2(More)
The compression of a crystalline material under hydrostatic pressure always results in a reduction in volume of the solid, with the observed reduction typically occurring in all crystallographic cell parameters. [1] However, there are a number of exceptional materials that have been shown to expand in a specific direction upon hydrostatic compression while(More)
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