Christian Puta

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Investigations of trunk muscle activation during gait are rare in the literature. As yet, the small body of literature on trunk muscle activation during gait does not include any systematic study on the influence of walking speed. Therefore, the aim of this study was to analyze trunk muscle activation patterns at different walking speeds. Fifteen healthy(More)
Model-based calculations indicate that reflex delay and reflex gain are both important for spinal stability. Experimental results demonstrate that chronic low back pain is associated with delayed muscle reflex responses of trunk muscles. The aim of the present study was to analyze the influence of such time-delayed reflexes on the stability using a simple(More)
Low back pain costs billions of Euros annually in all industrialized countries. Often radiological diagnosis fails to give evidence of the pathogenesis of low back pain. Although psychophysiological characteristics have an influence, it seems that insufficient muscular spinal stabilization may play the major role in the development of low back pain.(More)
Since normative surface EMG (SEMG) values for muscles acting at the knee joint are available for people with haemophilia, increasing interest is noticeable for other joints affected by haemophilic arthropathy. Adequate activity of shank muscles is an important key for appropriate postural control. The aim of this study was to determine differences in muscle(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether physical fitness is decreased in patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) in comparison to matched healthy controls because low physical fitness has been shown to be associated with metabolic syndrome or autonomic dysfunction. Cardiovascular morbidity and mortality are known to be increased in patients with MDD.(More)
Sufficient muscular strength and proprioception lessen the risk of joint damage, however, both are impaired in haemophilic subjects. The aim of the study was to investigate proprioceptive performance and isometric muscular strength before and after a specialized training in haemophilic subjects (H) compared with two groups of control subjects (C). Nine(More)
PURPOSE Various measures of autonomic function have been developed, and their applicability and significance during exercise are controversial. METHODS Physiological data were therefore obtained from 23 sport students before, during, and after exercise. Measures of R-R interval variability, QT variability index (QTvi), and electrodermal activity (EDA)(More)
Visually presented biological motion stimuli activate regions in the brain that are also related to musculo-skeletal pain. We therefore hypothesized that chronic pain impairs the perception of visually presented actions that involve body parts that hurt. In the first experiment, chronic back pain (CLBP) patients and healthy controls judged the lifted weight(More)
Human gait patterns differ considerably between the sexes. Therefore sex specific trunk muscle activation patterns can be expected. Healthy volunteers of both sexes (51 women, 55 men) walked on a treadmill at speeds from 2 to 6 km/h. Surface electormyography was recorded from five pairs of trunk muscles. Grand averaged root mean square (rms) curves and(More)
BACKGROUND Based upon studies using mechanical pin-prick, pressure, electrical or heat stimuli applied to painful and/or pain-free parts of the body, chronic low back pain (CLBP) has been shown to be associated with generalized and enhanced pain sensitivity and altered brain responses to noxious stimuli. To date, no study examined the processing of noxious(More)