Christian Punckt

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Related Articles High sensitivity SQUID-detection and feedback-cooling of an ultrasoft microcantilever Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 123101 (2012) AlInP-based rolled-up microtube resonators with colloidal nanocrystals operating in the visible spectral range Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 113114 (2012) Performance improvement of micro-fuel cell by manipulating the charged(More)
When applied on the counter electrode of a dye-sensitized solar cell, functionalized graphene sheets with oxygen-containing sites perform comparably to platinum (conversion efficiencies of 5.0 and 5.5%, respectively, at 100 mW cm(-2) AM1.5G simulated light). To interpret the catalytic activity of functionalized graphene sheets toward the reduction of(More)
We studied the local voltage drop in functionalized graphene sheets of subμm size under external bias conditions by Kelvin probe force microscopy. Using this noninvasive experimental approach, we measured ohmic current-voltage characteristics and an intrinsic conductivity of about 3.7 × 10(5) S/m corresponding to a sheet resistance of 2.7 kΩ/sq under(More)
The colloidal stability of functionalized graphene sheets (FGSs) in aqueous sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) solutions of different concentrations was studied by optical microscopy and ultraviolet-visible light absorption after first dispersing the FGSs ultrasonically. In up to ∼10 μM SDS solutions, FGSs reaggregated within a few minutes, forming ramified(More)
Current density inhomogeneities on electrodes (of physical, chemical, or optical origin) induce long-range electrohydrodynamic fluid motion directed toward the regions of higher current density. Here, we analyze the flow and its implications for the orderly arrangement of colloidal particles as effected by this flow on patterned electrodes. A scaling(More)
The intrinsic electrocatalytic properties of functionalized graphene sheets (FGSs) in nitric oxide (NO) sensing are determined by cyclic voltammetry with FGS monolayer electrodes. The degrees of reduction and defectiveness of the FGSs are varied by employing different heat treatments during their fabrication. FGSs with intermediate degrees of reduction and(More)
We report on the adsorption of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) onto functionalized graphene sheets (FGSs) in an aqueous system, measured at broad SDS and FGS concentration ranges by conductometric surfactant titration. At dilute SDS concentrations (<12 μM in bulk solution), there is evidence of a counterion exchange between hydronium ions (from the(More)
Elastic instabilities, when properly implemented within soft, mechanical structures, can generate advanced functionality. In this work, we use the voltage-induced buckling of thin, flexible plates to pump fluids within a microfluidic channel. The soft electrodes that enable electrical actuation are compatible with fluids, and undergo large, reversible(More)
We have developed electrically conducting silicone elastomer nanocomposites that serve both as compliant electrodes in an electrostatic actuator and, at the same time, as optically active elements creating structural color. We demonstrate the capabilities of our setup by actuating an elastomeric diffraction grating and colloidal-crystal-based photonic(More)
The mechanisms leading to the deposition of colloidal particles in a copper-gold galvanic microreactor are investigated. Using in situ current density measurements and particle velocimetry, we establish correlations between the spatial arrangement and the geometry of the electrodes, current density distribution, and particle aggregation behavior. Ionic(More)